Guided Selling & Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Guided selling for Quotes and Orders

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We have a number of software based solutions that provide decision making support that directs users to a solution that is right for their set of circumstances.
The level of guidance provided can be customised so that it is appropriate to the intended users and the complexity of the products concerned.

The benefits of Guided Selling are.

  • Easy. Highly visual and easy to navigate.
  • Quick. Items found easily,
  • Accurate. Eliminates incompatible and or missing items.
  • Decrease costs. Eliminate costly errors.
  • Increase revenue. Up sell and cross sell opportunities automatically identified.

Product Configuration / Catalogues

  • Fast error free product selection
  • Rule engine guides correct product choice combinations or options first time
  • Eliminate costly order entry errors
  • Give Customers instant feedback during Selling/Quote/Order process
  • Easily navigate large product catalogues
  • Automate product bundles and kitting
  • Pictures and helpful suggestions for each defined feature or option
  • Reduce cost of sales - increase win rates
  • Create Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings
  • Provide better control over pricing accuracy
  • Design unlimited hierarchical product tiers
  • Calculate shipping
  • Provide standard and configured products on a single quote/order
  • Unassisted Customer Quotes & Orders
  • Online / Offline capability

Quotes & Orders

  • Provide Customers with fast error free information
  • Submit alternatives with version control
  • Email Quotes with Covering Letter, Attachments and Terms & Conditions
  • Track neglected quotes
  • Automatically update Opportunities and Pipelines with submitted quotes
  • Provide high quality documents

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