System Implementations

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Assessment of business needs /Definition of implementation scope

In close dialogue with the customer we investigate the business needs. In particular the sales processes, the marketing activities and the service. Based upon this investigation we stipulate the objectives, the strategy and the risks of the intended implementation.

Definition of business needs & functional specifications

We make an inventory of all required functionalities. Based upon priorities and maturity of the customer we make an implementation plan together with the customer. Companies often have to learn to walk before they start to run. This is a major key to success!

Configuration and customization / Project based follow up & change management

Once you have chosen a solution, you will need specialists to install and have it up and running. Our consultants will not only implement the software, but will configure and customize and see to it that it perfectly integrates your company, with a quick assimilation and acceptation of the future users. The consultant stays in close contact with you follow a clear and controlled change management, step by step.

Installation, training and roll out

It's all a matter of business experience, IT expertise and good products...We only focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our consultants earned a track record in management, and are Microsoft Certified. Our people have some common characteristics: talent, insight, knowledge and passion for CRM!

Our consultants gradually transfer know-how to your staff. Our team also provide functional and technical training that will enable you to immediately use the software with maximum efficiency.

'Step by step' follow up / optimization to maximum return

Thanks to our step by step approach, CRM will grow together with your business. We support our customers to optimize, vitalise or to extend their CRM initiative to drive measurable improvements across their customer relationship management processes and to minimize the total cost of ownership. 

  • Development - Bespoke development; we can build and design new software solutions and programs, plus we have the ability to modify the standard suite of products that we support. Our Development process ensures we have clearly specified parameters, from customer approval through to testing and implementation.  It is our development policy to use standard industry tools (such as VB, .NET, etc), and we do not alter the back-end tables of the solutions in any way, thereby reducing the risk of ‘un-supportable’ solutions for customers, and paving the way for smooth product upgrades.
  • Cloud Services & SaaS to Managed Services - we can help you by teaming up with our leading partners.  Our mission is simple, pay-as-you-go software subscriptions – whether hosted or on-premise - we will assist to design and access the right cloud offering for your organisation.


OpenPlanSoftware will provide your business with an innovative solution which provides a modern, highly flexible and agile platform to support your people and your business strategy. 

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